What We Do

What We Do

by inspireloyalty
So many cards, so little loyalty….

Most loyalty programs have nothing to do with Customer loyalty, and fewer still grow sales or profits for the business.

A true loyalty approach – what we at Peak Loyalty call “Customer First” –  is a growth-driving, growth-sustaining machine proven to deliver profit when executed well.

We help you move beyond the well meaning but ineffective card programs. Grow sales to grow profitability – there is nothing soft about putting Customers First. We help grow sales by helping retailers take actions to improve the shopping experience for Customers, thereby winning more of their custom and their loyalty.

Our Services:

Loyalty Program Assessment & Design
Customer Growth Strategies
Customer Science Design
Key Customer Metrics
Retail Decision Making Using Shopper Insights
Shopper Marketing
Big Data Applications to Improve Shopper Experience
Organizational Transformation Using Customer Insights

Oh, and as a bonus a Customer First organization will feel better to its employees as a place to work and Customers will enjoy better experiences.  Bigger profits and happy employees, now that’s warm & fuzzy.

Our Clients: