[PodCast]: Why Being Customer First Makes a Difference

[PodCast]: Why Being Customer First Makes a Difference

by inspireloyalty

This content is derived from https://www.campaignlive.com/article/podcast-why-customer-first-makes-difference/1581760

dunnhumby’s chief customer strategist, David Ciancio, sits down with Campaign’s Omar Oakes to talk about how a combination of science and service puts the customer first and drives sustainable brand growth

Many organisations focus on short term results and immediate pressures. Being customer-first is a long-term commitment, but essential to understand, communicate with and service the customer. 

“Businesses that put customers first grow at 2-3% greater than their market peers. Their profits are 7% greater,” says David Ciancio. 

Listen to the whole conversation below, to discover instant tips and longer-term strategies for putting the customer first.